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Paperless Parts Quoting

Our Software Enables Fast, Accurate Quoting for Precision Machining

At KAD, we believe that prototype machining should be as straightforward as possible. 

We look for opportunities to make the manufacturing process easier and more enjoyable for clients, from our friendly atmosphere and transparent communication to the specialized software we use for frictionless quoting. 

If you’ve requested a precision machining quote from us, you’ve already experienced the ease and efficiency of Paperless Parts quoting software. If you haven’t (yet!), this overview is for you.

What Is Paperless Parts Quoting Software?

Paperless Parts is a centralized digital solution for secure quoting and estimating that enables clients and suppliers to discuss and confirm jobs online. 

The longtime manufacturing leaders who founded Paperless Parts leveraged years of quoting, estimating, and production experience to develop a simple tool for job shops and clients alike. These folks know the manufacturing process inside and out—and that’s reflected in their product.  

The digital (i.e., “paperless”) quoting and estimating platform empowers us to rapidly turn around quotes that are accurate every time. Thanks to Paperless Parts, we communicate with our clients better and faster than ever. With all the necessary information for a precision machining project at our fingertips, we can make smarter decisions, quickly. 

5 Ways Paperless Parts Benefits KAD’s Clients

Whenever someone asks about Paperless Parts, we tell them the software pays for itself—but we’re not the only ones who benefit. Let’s look at five ways Paperless Parts helps our clients.

Paperless Parts Quoting

1. Easy communication 

When we receive an RFQ for a prototype model or production manufacturing job through Paperless Parts, our entire team can access that information immediately, streamlining work on our end. The same applies on the client side, too. 

Once we respond with a quote, a client can easily share that information among their team. What’s more, they can preview parts in 3D and order directly with credit cards or purchase orders through the integrated checkout functionality.

As a project progresses, Paperless Parts provides a dedicated space for us to communicate proactively with our clients as soon as anything comes up. 

2. Secure file sharing  

We protect our clients’ intellectual property by sharing files securely through Paperless Parts’ ITAR-registered platform.  

The cloud-native software is hosted on GovCloud and designed for CMMC compliance. All data and files shared between us and our clients are backed up nightly, and Paperless Parts has a robust site-wide security plan with full disaster recovery. 

Plus, their system administrators and support teams are 100% US-based, so if we encounter an issue, we always hear back within 30 minutes.

3. Quick and simple repeat orders 

If a client is placing a repeat order through Paperless Parts, they can request a requote using an old quoting number, drastically reducing quoting time. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and phone calls, and know we have all the information we need to run a repeat order for you.

Even if you don’t have an old quoting number on hand, the software securely stores historical information and will flag repeat orders for our team. 

For example, a client ordered parts from KAD a couple of years ago and recently requested a quote for more of the same parts. The Paperless Parts platform recognized the job in the system and notified us that it was a repeat order. Because we had programmed the parts before, we were able to turn the project around faster and more cost-effectively than if we were working on an entirely new order. 

4. Imported material costs 

As you know, time is money in manufacturing. Thankfully, in the prototype machining world, most of the materials we source are in stock or readily available.

The Paperless Parts platform allows us to import material costs from our trusted suppliers, enabling us to get accurate estimates out faster. 

5. Valuable insights 

The Paperless Parts platform is a valuable feedback tool that helps us continually improve our customer service. As much as it helps us serve new and existing clients, it also gives us beneficial insight into the business we didn’t win. 

We can see every quote we send out that doesn’t move forward, allowing us to connect with those contacts and ask what we can do to build a better relationship. 

“Quote Faster. Quote Smarter. Reduce Risk.” That’s the Paperless Parts promise. At KAD, we’ve found that promise to hold true. We’re proud to use this software and thrilled to receive great feedback from our clients, too. 

Try it out for your next prototype machining project—request a quote from KAD today.