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Why Choose KAD for Prototype Precision Machining Services?

Are you considering using one of the large distributed manufacturing platforms for prototype machining services?

The perceived benefits of working with these companies are appealing at first glance. Distributed manufacturing platforms promise to consolidate the manufacturing supply chain—a tempting proposition given the volatile state of global supply chains. Customers only need to submit one purchase order, and they receive all their parts in a single shipment once they’re ready.

Sounds great, right? 

The problem is that these platforms aren’t entirely what they seem. Distributed manufacturing platforms are ideal in theory but not necessarily in execution. 

The Pitfalls of Distributed Manufacturing Platforms

Prototype machining services

Here are a few major drawbacks of distributed manufacturing platforms you should know about: 

  • Dispersed communication. Distributed manufacturing platforms advertise their services as if they’re a one-stop shop for prototype and production manufacturing. But in actuality, they outsource projects across the country and around the world. Customers don’t know where their drawings end up or who manufactures their components, meaning they can’t easily access the right people when questions or concerns arise.
  • Lack of security. You might assume manufacturing partner platforms protect your intellectual property, as these organizations appear to safely secure your data within just one company. However, distributed manufacturing platforms make no promises regarding data security. They’ll share your information amongst several companies, some overseas, without guaranteed protection of your IP. 
  • Inconsistent work. When multiple manufacturers are working on the same part—or different components in an assembly—it’s difficult to ensure consistency across orders. While the specs should be accurate across the board, there might be some aesthetic inconsistencies. If, for instance, one manufacturer uses tumbling and another uses media blasting to finish the parts, they could look noticeably different.
  • Unsustainable business model. To maximize profits, distributed manufacturing platforms often underpay the manufacturers making the parts. As a result, the platforms turn over manufacturers quickly and have no choice but to outsource parts overseas, reneging on their promises to improve the manufacturing ecosystem and deliver parts quickly to customers. 

The Benefits of a Prototype Precision Machine Shop

Bigger isn’t always better. Next time you need prototype CNC machining services, consider a smaller shop like KAD, and enjoy these benefits: 

  • Direct line of communication. When you work with a small manufacturer, you have direct access to the people who are actually making your parts. At KAD, you can even call us directly on our personal cell phones! We’re available when you need us. 
  • Data security. We take your intellectual property seriously. We’re ISO certified and ITAR registered for defense prototype CNC machining. We maintain secure documentation for our clients and apply strict security processes to parts in all industries to ensure your IP is always protected. 
  • Comprehensive capabilities. The machine shops sourced by distributed manufacturing platforms are no more skilled than small organizations like KAD. We offer the same capabilities as these manufacturers, with the added benefits of consistency and quality assurance. We even provide in-house mechanical assembly services, allowing us to test assembly components for fit, form, and function right here in our shop. 

We take pride in the work we produce and are committed to keeping your ideas safe. So skip the distributed manufacturing platform and partner with a prototype CNC machining shop you can trust. Request a quote from KAD today.