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KAD’s passion for engineering transforms prototyping to an artform. As artists, we take pride in our creations from start to finish. We manufacture your product directly from the model and manually inspect every order – ensuring consistently high quality for every part we make.

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KAD team specializes in CNC Machining, Silicone Molding and Urethane Casting. We are capable of making any size prototype using many different raw materials. Programing a piece at a time, KAD has manufactured a 128 inch long part using a CNC machine.



KAD believes that making prototypes should not be an arduous process. The shop makes it easy on clients with its light atmosphere, experienced team and transparent communication. Creating hardware today is time consuming and expensive but it doesn’t have to be impossible. 


KAD believes everybody should be able to receive the prototype needed to complete their goal. The expert process with our software system quickens the manufacturing operation and we are open to discuss price to fit any budget. The KAD team values supporting clients from the very beginning of the product’s development to the very end.

Brian Kippen

Brian Kippen

Brian is the owner & founder of KAD Models & Prototypes, Inc. Before launching KAD in 2011 with model maker John Dove, Brian worked as the Director of Operations at A&J Product Solutions and a machinist at Performance Structures. Brian is drawn to the challenge of making design concepts into reality and motivated by the ever-changing landscape of machining.
Christopher Bastain

Christopher Bastain

Christopher (Chris) Bastain is no stranger to a variety of art forms and technological advancements. Fascinated by 3-D Modeling, he attended San Francisco State University to pursue a career in Industrial Design. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Manufacturing dominated his interest because–it allowed physical involvement from the concept phase to the production of his designs. This passion ultimately led to a successful career as a machinist.
Thinh Quoc Dang

Thinh Quoc Dang

Thinh (Dang), a Native to the bay area, started in the Manufacturing world 4 years ago as a novice at KAD. He has been developing the skills required to become a CNC machinist on the job with the help and support of the team.
Headshot of Christina Bellomo

Christina Bellomo

Christina (Tina) is the most recent installment to the KAD Models Family. As a native of Detroit, and a history of family working in the auto industry, Tina has a drive (pun intended) to understand how products are assembled from inception to reality. In the age of everything digital, Tina values using her hands to craft, from start to finish a functional, a physical product that challenges her creativity and sparks her curiosity.
Anthony Pichou

Anthony Picou

Anthony (Tony), a bay area native, spent 10 years mastering metal work as a blacksmith. Tony decided he'd like to apply his skills in a machine shop where he has been developing new and creative ways to fabricate. He enjoys his work and the complexity of the projects.
Atlas Kippen Dog

Atlas Kippen

Atlas, The Shop floorman started at the shop since its founding and, in addition to closely monitoring shop activities, supports KAD by holding the floor in place with frequent naps.



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Partnering with KAD you get a team of highly skilled machinists collaborating on your project. We provide an edge for creative ability, pace and product excellence. Building a prototype is a process, let’s get started on your prototype journey together.

want to join us?

KAD is happy and open to add more esteemed machinists to continue to increase the team’s dexterity. Check out the Career’s page to see what it means to be a part of the company and what we look for in a colleague. Do not hesitate to send in your resume!