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MODELS, PROTOTYPES and production Manufacturing


we help build beautiful products

Your objective is our ambition


KaD offers quick turnaround services to our clients

We work with your designers and engineers to iterate, perfect, and produce your company’s products to make dreams a reality. Our experienced team offers creative and immediate support to help ensure your company or your customers are able to exceed expectations. 

CNC machined clock parts

We specialize in complex projects

We specialize in complex projects, large or small, and maintain a constant focus on meeting your needs rapidly without error.


KaD Vermont Kickstarter is live!

Profits will go to the local Advanced Manufacturing Training Program. Click here to learn more.

Staff working on a prototype

We would love to work with your company.

KAD undertakes all projects with a detail oriented mindset. It is the little things that make a big difference in our industry. As a customer-focused company, we believe firmly in consulting with our client to optimize pricing, delivery, and quality. Get your free quote now! Rapid response within 2 hours!