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How KAD Streamlines Communication to Expedite Prototype and Production Manufacturing

Have you ever had a question about your manufacturing project and felt like you had no idea who to contact to get answers?

Or even worse: have you ever been left in the dark when something went wrong with your part order, only to discover the issue once your timeline was completely blown?

If you’ve experienced delays due to miscommunication with a machine shop, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it is to get back on track. Poor communication not only slows down your project, it often costs you money, too.

At KAD, we offer a different client experience. We prioritize communication and keep an open line of dialogue to make sure every project moves swiftly and economically.

We favor a team-based approach to our projects because ultimately we’re all working together toward a common goal: making your prototypes quickly and efficiently. We’re proud to have built a collaborative work environment that fosters communication with all parties so we can deliver the best results for every client. We can promise you this: at KAD, someone is always within reach!

KAD’s Unparalleled Approach to Communication

Frequent communication is integral to our success. We’re committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our team and our clients. Practicing the following principles ensures everyone involved in a project is always in the loop:

Strong internal communication.

Our shop takes the open-door policy one step further to a no-door policy: the whole floor is open to encourage interaction and teamwork!

To guarantee that we’re hearing from everyone working on a project, we hold regular meetings to discuss progress and exchange ideas. Through our collaborative approach to work, we capitalize on our vast body of collective knowledge and experience to generate solutions together.

KAD’s open communication policy benefits clients, too. When we work together, we catch potential issues early in the machining process—before they become big problems and massive delays.

Direct access to machinists.

The best people to answer questions about your project during manufacturing are—you guessed it, the machinists working on it. They’re excellent at predicting and correcting potential issues, so we make sure they have their own email addresses and feel empowered to engage directly with our clients.

We believe that all parties involved in a project should be able to access somebody who can actually solve their problem, regardless of their affiliation with the project.

Always within reach.

Whenever you need answers, we’re just a quick phone call away. We’ll even give you our personal cell phone numbers. That goes for everyone on our team: machinists, engineers, and leadership.

You can feel confident knowing that someone at KAD is always available to help you find a solution.

How Clients Can Streamline Communication

Your project will benefit most from consistent communication, both on our end and yours. We recommend that our clients select one responsive point of contact to minimize confusion and miscommunication.

Choosing one point person immediately improves the response rate because the job is clearly delegated. The less room there is for error or delay, the better off everyone will be.

Prototyping is all about design iteration and feedback, so we also like to connect with engineers directly whenever possible to address any technical questions. In addition to choosing a point person to facilitate the logistics of a project, we advise buyers to name a technical point of contact right on their purchase order.

While communication is simple enough for simple prototypes, it can break down easily as project complexity increases and multiple parties get involved. That allows us to proactively reach out to address and resolve potential engineering issues quickly and effectively, without our buyers having to relay technical information between us and their engineers!

Miscommunication should never be the reason your project costs you time and money. Trust KAD to ensure open and continuous communication on your manufacturing project from beginning to end. Request a quote today!