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Prototype program

Introducing KAD’s Pay It Forward Prototype Program

Prototyping is a demanding and expensive process. Once you have an idea, coming up with an initial design is simple enough, but transforming it into a prototype model takes a significant investment of time and money. And yet, that physical proof of concept is essential in securing the financial backing to successfully go to market . 

A several-thousand-dollar prototype project might be feasible for a large corporation, but not everyone has the kind of money to take on this kind of endeavor. Imagine how many people have revolutionary ideas but can’t afford to prove out their concepts.

At KAD, we believe in empowering and supporting innovators whose great ideas will positively impact the world. If you’ve dreamed up a product idea that helps underserved, vulnerable, or special needs populations, we want to help you bring it to market with our Pay It Forward Prototype Program (PIFPP).

Prototype Models That Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Prototype program

What inspired us to develop this initiative for small business owners and philanthropists? It all began when we realized just how big a difference a single prototype can make in people’s lives.

Years ago, a good Samaritan told us about his plan to aid children in a developing country who had lost their legs to land mines. He wanted to create prosthetic knee joints to help them walk again. But to his disappointment, he couldn’t get the funding he needed to make his product without first having a prototype model to establish proof of concept. 

Compelled to support him, we built the prototype without charging labor and machining costs. With a prototype in hand, he was finally able to secure funding for production and manufacture thousands of units for the affected children. 

We know other people have brilliant ideas to help those in need, and we want to do what we can to make their dreams come true.

How KAD’s Pay It Forward Prototype Program Works

If you have an idea for a prototype, we want you to apply to our program! We ask that you please provide a fully executed design, including 3D models and 2D drawings, so we can see the time and effort you’ve already put in. We promise to match your hard work with our own.

If we select your project, we’ll reach out to coordinate production of your prototype model. The only expense you’ll need to cover is the cost of the materials. 

The same top-tier team members who work on our client projects will build you a top-quality prototype. Depending on factors like part complexity and material availability, you could have a functional prototype model in your hands in 3-6 weeks.

Expect some free publicity, too. We’ll feature your project in our social media, emails, website content, and more! 

The Pay It Forward Prototype Program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we encourage all interested parties to apply. Submit an application today!